Introducing ourselves


The family business

KINTEC is a family-run engineering company specialized in the production of special turning and sorting machines. To fulfil the individual requirements and expectations of our customers KINTEC offers tailored solutions. Therefore quality and capability are the top priorities.



The name

The company name KINTEC is derived from the word technique and the term kinematics which means the study of movement. Therefore the name contains the characteristics which describe the different product areas of our company.



The loction

Südwestfalen is one of the major industrial regions of Germany with mainly family-run and medium-sized companies which are operating successfully worldwide. More than 150 global leaders can call this region their home. In this prospering industrial area you can find Olpe, the location of KINTEC. Here there is a wide range of suppliers and a direct connection to the motorway A45 / A4 which are excellent conditions to ensure fast delivery of the machines.