Rejection Systems / Rejector

With our rejection systems various types of products like shrinkpacks, cartons, boxes or crates are transfered gently on a parallel or rectangular arranged conveyer.


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Rejection System – Rejector


Output: up to 8,500 packs/h or up to 140 packs/min


– precise positioning
of different products


one single servomotor protects
the environment
in a sustainable way


largely maintance free and
durable despite permanent operation


high-quality and
compact construction


quick assembly and upgrade

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In every filling process in the beverage and food industry as well as in the logistics cases, cartons, packs and many other products need to be distributed onto two or several lanes or rejected onto parallel or perpendicular arranged conveyer lines. 

At this point a high output and the reliability of the machines in a continuous operation is required.

For this purpose our rejection system offers the optimal solution due to its high performance, quality and precise and sustainable sorting technology.




high output


precise positioning


The Rejection System GAS QUADRUPLEX is installed next to or above the conyever. It consists of one device with four rejection units that rotate repeatedly in one direction.

During the sorting process a product located on a moving conveyer is captured laterally by one rejection unit and accompanied until it reaches the desired position.

The products can be rejected and divided from short to long side leading and vice versa.


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