GDA – 90 Duplex / Turning Station

The packs – turning system of type GDA – 90 Duplex serves a gentle rotation of packs, such as crates, shrink-packs, cartons, trays and many other products by 90 ° prior to palletising or for a special positioning during a sorting process. In particular the system is applied in the beverage and food industry as well as in the logistics sector and has a high performance.


Turning System – Turning Station

GDA – 90 Duplex


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 Output:  up to. 4,200 packs/h


various product sizes are turned precise by 90  degrees


 thanks to one single servomotor energy-efficient and sustainable


largely maintenance free and durable despite permanent operation


high-quality and robust construction


compact and upgradeable during operation








In the beverages, foods and logistics sectors different kind of packs, e.g. crates, shrink-packs, cartons or other packaging types, have to be turned in certain positions prior to palletising to obtain the desired layer pattern.

Thereby the turning systems have to provide a high output, reliability and quality to satisfy the technical requirements.

At this point our innovative turning system is an optimal solution and offers a sustainable and efficient technology.









gentle on the product


The turning system GDA – 90 Duplex is moving above the conveyor and consists of two turning devices, that are driven by a single servo-motor and circle evenly around their own axis and around each other. On the conveyer the products can be turned from short to long side leading and vice versa.

In the functional sequence a product located on a moving conveyer is gripped by a turning device, then gently turned by 90 degrees in running direction and further transported in changed position. After the rotation a further turning device is already placed for the next execution and the process can be repeated.

An automatic adjustability enables an adaption on the various product heights. The adaption on the different product widths is made manually directly at the turning devices.


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