Distribution Systems / Line Divider

The high-performance Distribution System type GVS Quadruplex divides different kinds of products such as shrink-packs, cartons or beverage crates from one to two lanes or to more lanes.


Distribution System – Line Divider

GVS Quadruplex

Output: up to 8,500 packs/h


distribution of products in longitudinal or transverse run


– precise positioning of the packs


– energy-efficient thanks to a single drive


durable and low-maintenance despite permanent operation


– compact design


– quick assembly and commissioning

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In every filling process in the beverage and food industry as well as in the logistics crates, cartons, shrink-packs, boxes, clusters and many other products need to be distributed from one to two or to several lanes. onto parallel or perpendicular arranged conveyor lines.

At this point, a high output and the reliability of the machines in a continuous operation is required.

For this purpose, our pack-distribution systems offer optimal solutions due to their high performance, quality and precise and sustainable sorting technology.









The Distribution System or Line Divider – GVS Quadruplex is moving above the conveyor and installed next to the conveyor whereby it takes up only little space. It consists of a turning mechanism with four transfer units that rotate repeatedly in one direction.

During the sorting process a product located on a moving conveyor is captured laterally by one transfer unit and by the rotational movement pushed into a particular lane. After a quarter rotation, the process is completed and a new transfer unit is available for the next execution.

The staggered installation of the distribution system leads to a longer accompanying and a stabilization of the product on the conveyor.







gentle on the product


easy to use

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