Turning Cross System

Turning Cross System GDK – 90

Turning every product by 90 degrees


The robust Packs Turning Cross System turns different products exact by 90 degrees and presents a cost-effective alternative to the Turning Systems of KINTEC.

In particular, this system is suitable for small gaps between the products and for low products up to 20 mm, whereby also big packs are turned reliably.

As the Packs Turning Device so the Packs Turning Cross System is characterized by a high performance, high quality construction and a durable functionality. This Turning Cross System is an optimal solution for the turning of every kind of products before the palletizing or during a sorting process.


  • beverage industry
  • food industry
  • logistics sector
  • chemistry industry
  • pharmaceutical industry


Your benefits

High Output: 6,000 packs / h

  • increases your production efficiency


Sustainability and Quality

  • energy-saving / durable
  • low-wear and almost maintenance-free
  • high quality stainless steel construction
  • precise positioning


Flexibility and Focus on customers

  • gentle to the product and packaging
  • compact und space-saving
  • quick assembly / commissioning

flexible integration to existing conveyors

Videos about the function



Turning of Packs by 90 degree, Turning Cross System, Rotation System

The Packs Turning Cross type GDK – 90 is installed above or next to the conveyor depending on the space conditions and it moves over the conveyor belt.

The system consists of a turning mechanism with four plastic wings that are driven by one SEW-Servo-Drive. Thereby the turning mechanism rotates repeatedly in one direction.

In the functional sequence, a product runs to the Pack Turning Cross, is captured laterally by a plastic wing that is parallel to the product and is turned gently by 90 degrees. After the rotation, a new plastic wing is available for the next execution and the product runs further in changed position.


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